LayerSync on LayerZero

Integrating LayerSync into LayerZero
LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain messaging. Applications built using blockchain technology (decentralized applications) can use the LayerZero protocol to connect to 30+ supported blockchains seamlessly. This allows dApp users to interact securely and efficiently with assets across chains.
LayerSync technology is fully integrated with LayerZero's messaging protocol.
Enhanced Security with LayerZero: LayerZero leverages innovative security protocols to ensure the safety of NFT assets throughout the bridging process. With LayerZero's technology, NFT transfers become highly secure, minimizing the risk of potential vulnerabilities or malicious activities that can occur in the decentralized world.
One of the standout features of LayerZero is its transparent transaction tracking. Every NFT transaction on LayerSync is recorded on LayerZero's explorer, providing users with real-time visibility into the status and details of their asset transfers. This level of transparency builds trust within the NFT community and allows users to monitor their NFTs' journey across blockchain networks.